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 MK23/SSX23 Nano Upgrade Follower (with a little twist)


Nano considered MK23 SSX23 Best Upgrade Follower Features:
Even more Increased BB capacity +extra 7-8 BBs!
Enlarged thumb piece
Made from Quality PA12 material
– Trigger lock is NOT present
3 Pieces of Followers included in package

Even more increased AMMO capacity at cost of Trigger lock

If you are not stealthy player and you are more of a Rambo man this version is for you.
With Nano Capacitors you can increase your magazine capacity by up to 7-8 BBs.
Results may slightly vary from mag to mag.


Especially on SSX23 magazines, the spring is sometimes too short from factory.
That´s why we recommend buying our Universal Magazine Spring that will work like a charm preventing any issues.

If you are interested in sneaky stealth, we recommend checking our Capacitors with Trigger Lock function

Enlarged Thumb Piece

No more broken nails. Super easy to manipulate with

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