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First Full Body Scorpion Evo Gun Camo Wrap on Airsoft Market

Features of Scorpion Evo Gun Skin:
Strong Adhesive
UV resistant and durable vinyl
Pre-cut parts – pick and stick
Improves your camouflage/stealth game
Simple installation with hairdryer/heat gun sometimes xacto knife is needed

Notice: There is currently 4 day production time for Vinyl skins. Thank you for understanding

Large variety of camo patterns custom designed by us for Scorpion Evo Gun Skin

We believe you will find the right camo just for your.
More to come in future

Scorpion Evo Camo Wrap kit consist of:

Full Scorpion Evo  Body pieces
Piece for grip
2 Magazines pieces
Spare parts you can use for silencer

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