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Handmade drop-in R-hop

Handmade drop-in R-hop for Da-Vinci R Barrel.
Available in 60 hardness.
Flat bucking is needed and can be purchased HERE.
Perfect fit .

We have you covered!

We are producing our Rhop patches as precise as possible.
But we can´t guarantee same precision on barrel manufacturers, especially on their hop windows.
Therefore if your barrel window is machined slightly off-spec just contact us.
We will try to solve it and assist you as best as possible.
No worries 🙂

Works in all weather conditions.
In addition heavy bbs need less hop for proper fly path.

Installation for Da Vinci R Barrel R-hop

Installation is very simple
Put your Rhop in hop window, no need for super glue . And put flat bucking on top.
Thats it 🙂

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