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Best Hop arm for SSG24 on market

Made from high grade Aircarft Aluminium
Fully CNC machined with tolerances +- 0.02mm
Special surface finish with increased durability

Centered Ridge


Elevated ridge exactly in middle of hop arm ensures, that the pressure from arm bars or TDC will be always transfered from middle of hop arm directly into the middle of bucking.

Sensitive Hop Adjustment

Purpur side

Precisely calculated angle provides lowest pressure curve compared to other aftermarket hop arms.
Even when using without TDC, you can adjust just the right amount of Hop you need much easier.

Perfect Concave Curve

SSG24 Concave Hopup arm

Perfect concave curve that works best with R-hops and other aftermarket concave buckings.

It also works with stock SSG24 bucking, providing flatter contact point with BB.

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