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  • SSG24


What is Sorbothane Pad?

Sorbo Pad or Sorbothane is a special vibration reducing material.
It can be used as perfect isolant on cylinder head as replacement for default dampening rubber.
Our sorbo got 70D Hardness and 3.5mm height.

Why to use SSG24 Sorbo Pad?

  • Absorbs impacts from piston
  • Prolongs life of your cylinder and cylinder head threads
  • Slightly reduces sound

What comes in package?

SSG24 – Sorbo Pad for SSG24 comes with extra 50D white protecting layer ( For more SSG24 upgrades, check our SSG24 Category )

Installation: Remove old rubber from cylinder head, apply few drops of super glue and stick sorbo on top ( with super glue you can also attach the white cover on top of sorbothane pad).


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