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Molded Drop-in R-hops are here

Drop-in molded EdGi R-hop.
Rhops are available in 55, 65 and 75 degree hardness.
Flat bucking is needed and can be purchased HERE.

We have you covered!

We are producing our Rhop patches as precise as possible thanks to latest technology.
But we can´t guarantee same precision on barrel manufacturers, especially on their hop windows.
Therefore if your barrel window is machined slightly off-spec just contact us.
We will try to solve it and assist you as best as possible.

Works in all weather conditions.
In addition heavy bbs need less hop for proper fly path.
Slightly beveled entrance side, for easier entrance of bbs.
Tested on Brass and Stainless EdGi barrels.

R-hop Installation for EdGi Barrel

Installation is very simple:
-Put Rhop in hop window
-Flat bucking on top.

Thats it 🙂
No need for super glue


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